How Much Does Vicodin Detox Cost

Vicodin Detox Cost

Outpatient detox can cost you up to $1,500 while inpatient detox can cost you more than that. Most rehab centers include detox in their treatment programs. These programs include therapy sessions that can last even after detox care. The program can cost up to $20,000 for a 30-day duration, although some rehab centers can range from $6,000.

A 90-day treatment has always been the most recommended duration for treatment. This is significant in fully establishing habits that can effectively sustain long-term recovery. For this duration of treatment, it can cost from $12,000 to $60,000.

As much as there are a lot of factors that can affect the cost of treatment, there are also various financing options that can essentially help individuals to get themselves treated at a low cost. They can even enjoy free treatment if they pass the required qualifications.

What Does The Cost Of Medical Detox Include

Vicodin Detox CostMedical detox includes the cost of the services provided by the healthcare staff as well as the medical prescriptions. However, if you opt for an inpatient program, this can include the cost of food and accommodation which is why it is more expensive than outpatient care.

Apart from this, the overall cost can also be affected by the duration and degree of your treatment. Severe cases such as those which involve treatment of co-occurring disorders may require intensive care. For instance, substance use disorder and other mental health problems occurring at once require special care which can be more costly.

Detox is the process of weaning off your body from components of the drug. Your doctor will typically taper down your doses to detox since there are a lot of risks that can happen when you just quit cold turkey. To limit the surge of withdrawal symptoms, your doctor will also prescribe you medicines to relieve withdrawal pain.

Detox is essential to a person who has established drug dependence. If you do not respond to this need of your body, it will cause your health more harm. You will also most likely fall for addiction which will ultimately diminish the quality of the life you live.

By understanding this, you should explore and consider financing options to get yourself treated. The government has been doing its part in extending aid to those who are in need. They offer health programs where you can enjoy a treatment at a free cost.

What Are The Financing Options For Detox Treatment

While there are state-funded treatment programs, there are also private treatment centers that offer loan schemes and scholarship aids. These programs have their own set of qualifications to follow.

State-funded programs

Vicodin Detox CostMedicaid is a federal health insurance program offered to those who fall within the poverty threshold that is set by the government. You can visit the nearest Medicaid office in your local area to process your application.

As long as you can provide proof of your residency or citizenship, you can most likely qualify. Every state has different policies for the qualifications. Some may also require yours for proof of income.

In case this does not work for you, you may also visit your state’s public health facility and apply for a free treatment program. The top requirements include the same set as what Medicaid requires. Proof that you are not enrolled in any health insurance program is also necessary.

While Medicaid allows you to choose your desired treatment facility, a state-funded program is limited to getting treated in a public health facility. In this case, you cannot expect high-end facilities, however; their healthcare staff is guaranteed to be no less competent than the ones in private rehab centers.

Loan Scheme and Scholarship Aid

If the state-funded programs do not work for you, you can look for a private rehab center of your choice and inquire about the financing aid they offer to individuals who can hardly pay for the full cost of their treatment.

Some, although not all, offer loan schemes that allow you to divide the full cost of your treatment into a set of terms. It can be divided into 12 months or more depending on your arrangement. You can call the rehab center directly to know the qualifications you need to accomplish to enroll in such an offer.

Scholarship aid is also another treatment option that some private rehab centers provide. This program aims to provide treatment to those who want to cope with their substance use disorder, however; they struggle to finance themselves. Again, you can call the rehab center directly to know the qualifications for this program.


Vicodin Detox CostIf you find yourself unfit for the previously mentioned options, you may also use the power of social media to conduct fundraising for the cost of your treatment. The Go Fund Me online platform has been collecting a lot of donations for people who deserve to be funded.

As long as you share to the public your pure intention of getting treated, a lot of people can shed their generosity and provide you with a certain amount to aid your treatment. This can be quite challenging. You have to present yourself online which can be quite uncomfortable for some people.

Another way of fundraising is also reaching out to families and friends. Even a small amount put together can already make a huge difference, and people who are close to you can understand that.

Seek Medical Help As Soon As Possible

Nowadays, a lot of people have embraced the idea that a substance use disorder is also a medical ailment just like hypertension, diabetes, and cancer, which requires treatment. Addiction is not solely a matter of choice or control. It can be influenced by genetic factors or even underlying health problems.

If you are determined to get yourself treated, the cost should not stop you from pursuing your treatment. Ask for help from the people around you, and you will be rewarded with an improved quality of life by getting past your condition.