Marijuana Rehab For Couples

Marijuana Rehab

Whether it’s you or your loved one is under the influence of marijuana, enrolling in a couples rehab is your best choice. It helps couples better understand their partner’s weakness, and how they provide support for their recovery. Let’s walk you through the important points about couples rehab and how it can offer long-term sobriety.

What are Signs that Couples are under the influence of Substance

Whether only one or both are addicted to Marijuana, still, the effects of addiction are detrimental to the family. If only one is dependent on Marijuana, there’s still a huge risk that the partner will be influenced to abuse the substance due to their close relationship. How would you know if your partner or a couple is having an addiction problem? Here are some obvious signs to look after:

  • Frequent drinking or use of the substance
  • Presence of domestic violence in one of them
  • Either one of the spouses needs to be under the influence of the substance to be able to express their affection toward their partner
  • Neglecting of responsibilities

These are the noticeable signs of addiction among couples. If you see any of these signs, you need to talk to your partner to seek medical help. You can also talk to an addiction specialist to get advice on how to intervene with the Marijuana abuse of your partner.

Is it possible to Attend Rehab Together?

Couples can attend rehab together, and most rehab centers allow this since couples can motivate each other to complete their treatment. The strong relationship of couples is one essential key to their strong commitment toward sobriety. Motivation is an important factor that helps a person stay on treatment. Completing your rehab plan is important for the foundation of your lifetime sobriety.

Rehab For Couples

What is Couples Inpatient Rehab?

This works the same for individual inpatient rehab. Couples with intense marijuana addiction are prescribed to enroll in inpatient rehab so that they will get 24-hour medical assistance with their detox and treatment.

During inpatient rehab, couples are given behavioral couples therapy (BCT). This helps them better understand the behavioral changes of their partner, and how they can support them better to recover fast. Therapies are given to patients since addiction is also a behavioral disorder. To correct this unhealthy behavior, you need a therapist who is an expert in addiction recovery. They will help you better understand yourself, and develop positive coping mechanisms to counter triggers.

What is Behavioral Couples Therapy (BCT)?

The main principle of this therapy is to help couples build healthy communication and emotion toward each other. When this happens, couples can healthily interact with each other while motivating each other to live a healthy life. Below are the two main goals of BCT:

  • Enhancing the positive attitude and emotion of the couple so that their relationship becomes stronger.
  • Teach couples how to communicate properly with their partners. Healthy communication is key to solving problems in the family and relationship.

BCT is usually incorporated in Couples Rehab since it increases the chance of recovery. The treatment lasts around three to six months. Average total sessions will be around 12 to 20 within 3 to 6 months of treatment. The therapist will help couples healthy communication to strengthen their commitment to recover and stay in their relationship.

BCT starts right after detox since couples are less intoxicated, so they can better communicate with each other. This therapy is offered in inpatient rehab, but it can also be given in outpatient programs. If you like to avail of an outpatient treatment plan, you need to comply with the following:

  • No one is suffering from serious mental problem
  • The couple is committed to staying in their relationship even after their rehab program.
  • No history of domestic violence. If there’s a history, then the couple needs to be on a separate treatment plan.

What is the Average Period of Couples Rehab?

Couples Rehab lasts around three months at a minimum. This is the shortest time frame that is proven to help couples improve their sobriety and communication with their partner. This applies to both inpatient and outpatient treatment. But for you to accurately know how long it will be, you have to consult a doctor.

Marijuana Rehab

Are Couples Rehab More Expensive than Individual Treatment?

The cost of your treatment depends on many factors, like location, the rehab center, and if you have any healthcare insurance you can use to cover your treatment. But in most cases, going to a private rehab costs more than state-funded ones. That’s due to the subsidy provided by the government, yet you will be given this opportunity if you can comply with their requirements.

The best way for you to know how much it will be is to get a free consultation or estimate from a rehab center. Most of them offer this service to help patients prepare and decide for their recovery journey.

How Can You Enroll in Couples Rehab?

You can search online for the nearest rehab centers, or you can also call the American Addiction Centers (ACC) with their toll-free helplines. They will help you find reliable rehab facilities near your location.

You need to do background research for the rehab centers you are intending to visit or enroll in. This is for you to ensure that they are capable of providing the best medical service to help you and your partner recover from marijuana addiction. Also for you to know the cost of treatment if you enroll them.

Seek Medical Help Today

Undergoing treatment is not a walk in the park. It’s a challenging route toward your bigger goal, which is to gain freedom from addiction. You and your partner can conquer addiction with the help of rehab. They will teach you how to cope positively with stress and triggers while enhancing positive communication with your partner.