How Long Does Marijuana Detox Take

Marijuana, popularly known for its street name as weed, pot, or dope, is an addictive substance that has been used by 15 million people in the United States. And what is more, concerning is how 30% of this figure are high school students.

Although not all marijuana users develop a Cannabis Use Disorder, individuals who use it as early as their teenage years are vulnerable to its potential health risks.

As a mind-altering substance, marijuana can cause adverse effects on the brain. It can impair memory and logical thinking, and even diminish IQ levels without any chance of recovering them.

Studies show how individuals who start using the substance at an early age are prone to develop an addiction when they become adults.

The solution to this problem is no other than treatment, which starts with detox, a phase of getting rid of the drug in the body to stabilize its condition for recovery.

What Happens During Marijuana Detox

Marijuana DetoxWhen a person begins to detox, withdrawal symptoms are bound to show up within the week after the last use, and the length of which these symptoms persist varies significantly in every user.

Those who have excessively used the substance, most specifically every day or almost every day for a few months, are expected to detox longer. It may even take for their symptoms to last for months, especially the psychological ones.

The first three days are critical since the body is likely to experience physical symptoms such as headache, nausea, and fatigue. Tendencies for extreme sweating and chills on top of insomnia could cause even more distress.

These symptoms peak after about a week, and as soon as the physical symptoms subside, the onset of the psychological ones begins. It may take about two weeks for the withdrawal to last, and again, longer for those with a severe Cannabis Use Disorder.

This two-week-long duration is unpleasant, although not life-threatening at all. With marijuana, detox is quite longer compared to other substances. Some people even give in to relapse because of this.

During detox, it is important to be conscious of the presence of intense cravings because relapse can happen when you give in to your cravings. And after every case of relapse, detox becomes challenging, or worse, complex.

When you detox with medical supervision, whether at home or in a rehab center, your discomfort can be limited, and the chances to really stay clean are more likely than detoxing all by yourself.

How Long Does Marijuana Stay In The Body

Marijuana DetoxMarijuana stays in the body for up to 90 days, and it can be detected through a drug test depending on how often you use the drug, as well as the method used in testing.

The drug test can take samples from your blood, saliva, hair, and urine to detect marijuana. The urine test is the most common type. The degree to which the drug is detectable in the urine can be identified as follows.

It will take about 10 to 15 days from the last use for a daily user to keep the drug detectable while heavy users take up to 30 days. For single-use, it takes 3 days while a moderate user – one who uses it less than 5 days a week – can be detected in 5 to 7 days.

Usually, marijuana is detectable in the blood for up to 2 days. However, it can still be spotted for up to 25 days among chronic users.

The saliva test is common in roadside drug testing, and it can identify marijuana in your system for up to 3 days from your last use.

Marijuana can also stay in the hair follicles for up to 90 days, however; this test may be less reliable since coming in contact with a marijuana user may transfer the particles to your hair even if you are not a user at all.

What Are Detox Kits Used For

Marijuana DetoxOne of the reasons why people choose to detox is for them to pass a drug test which is required in applying for a job. Detox kits are intended to help these individuals gain untraceable marks of marijuana in their urine.

Detox kits are available in pharmacies and can also be purchased online. They are typically ingested in the body and work by changing the chemical composition of a person’s urine, leaving marijuana undetectable in urine tests.

Manufacturers claim that it can effectively yield negative marijuana urine test results, however; a scientific explanation as to how these chemicals make it happen remains limited. At the same time, there is little knowledge as to what side effects these kits can bring.

Evidence shows how some results come out negative, while others are invalid. This means that although the test did not come out positive, it did not come out negative either. This will require another test to be done.

How Should I Detox Marijuana

The safest way to detox is to seek the guidance of a medical expert. Before detoxing, let an addiction specialist evaluate the level of your addiction. This is essential in determining whether it is safe for you to detox at home, or whether it is better to do it in a rehab center.

Remember to never try quitting cold turkey since this will only make you experience withdrawal severely. Once you attempt to withdraw and later on fall into relapse, detoxing again could be more challenging and complex.

Some rehab facilities offer specific detox programs for individuals with complex conditions such as those with co-existing mental health problems like anxiety disorder or depression. If you have a pre-existing physical illness, detox in a rehab center is also best for you.

When you decide to detox, give your body enough time to progress. While some individuals detox for up to three weeks at most, some people can do it in less than a week. You can try to boost your health by nourishing yourself with a proper diet, hydration, and exercise.